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Feel like a star while singing along with your favorite songs! With Antbytes Audio, you can turn your songs from mp3's or CD's into your very own karaoke! What a great way to practice for American Idol!

Antbytes Audio is a collection of professional audio software that will allow you to Cancel vocals from existing songs to
create karaoke or accompaniment recordings and so much more. The include audio editor also includes features that allow you to:

  • Change the pitch of a song without changing the tempo
  • Change the tempo of (or "screw") a song without changing the pitch
  • Remove hissing or other noises
  • Reverse the audio (any hidden messages in there?)
  • Change the key of the song
  • Make a female sound like a male or vice versa
  • Record your singing along with the music
  • Harmonize with yourself
  • Amplify a quiet recording
  • Add reverb
  • Cancel out swear words from a song but leave the music to make a clean version
  • and So Much More!.

In addition to editing existing audio, Antbytes Audio can be used to record audio from different sources. You can easily connect a stereo to your computer's sound card and use this software to
record and re master your LP records, cassette tapes or other media for an mp3 file or a CD. Antbytes Audio can also be set to record any sound coming from your computer, which is very useful for recording streaming audio from the web. Antbytes Audio is also very popular for recording live events such as concerts, lectures or church services. Unlike other audio software, this awesome audio editor is not limited in the amount of time it can record. The only limit it has is the size of your hard drive. A normal computer can record DAYS of audio at CD quality!!

Antbytes Audio is also great at creating your own mixes of songs for dance or cheerleading. You can use it to sing harmony with yourself, split a long recording into multiple tracks or even compose your own music by using sound samples. You don't even need to know how to play an instrument!

Antbytes Audio is
very advanced! Unlike other software that has a laborious step by step process to cancel vocals, our customized software does it in one single step! Our new and revolutionary method puts our software a cut above the rest.

We know that learning new software is sometimes difficult, so we also offer
full support to our customers via email. We can help you through just about any situation pretty easily, and if we can't, well we offer a money back guarantee so that you can feel confident about your purchase.

Antbytes Audio is easy to use and supports common editing functions, like copy, paste, undo and redo. It will also open many different file formats such as mp3, wav, midi and more. In addition, you can add features to Antbytes Audio with many industry standard plug ins such as .VST files.

Why wait? At such a great bargain, Buy It Now!

Only $10!

* * * Worldwide S&H included!

* Note that the buttons above are for the CD version. If you would like an instant download version, you can find it here, on eBay for only $9.99.
Please note that while the vocal removal procedure will work with most songs, it will not work with all songs. It will work with songs that are recorded in stereo and have the vocals on both sides of the recording (you can hear it our of both speakers). This will however work fine with most popular music.

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